Offering online immortality through afterlife digital management

About Us

Eternal Forever is the UK’s first digital legacy management agency. We provide a full service account curation and clean-up of your digital profile after you’ve departed.

Afterlife digital management is the core of what we do. Upon your passing, we manage the digital footprint you’ve left behind to create a cohesive posthumous identity to remain alive online forever.

We strongly believe death isn’t the end, but an in-between stage before the next status update from your digital legacy manager. At Eternal Forever we offer the gift of immortality: You don’t have to be alive to be online.

Your afterlife is our life's work.



We curate your digital profile after you’ve departed to ensure safety and security of your data. People often forget how many online accounts they have – loyalty cards signed up for and never used, picture sharing sites – the list goes on.

Our research has shown typical users have around 25 online accounts, most of which are probably not used. However, these accounts are still a digital footprint of you and thus need cleaning up and managing after you’ve gone.

Our role is to preserve and protect your online identity.

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Our Promise to you

Your digital data is precious. It is privileged information that companies across the globe spend billions of pounds trying to obtain. We know and understand this. Privacy is a big part of what we do. We believe every web user is entitled to privacy. Sharing our lives is a choice. To ensure your privacy, we are fully accredited members of the Data Keepers Association and follow strict procedures for information handling.

We take our position as the curator of your digital legacy seriously.

We adhere and abide by all internet regulations concerning personal information: Your digital legacy is safe with us.

Why use us?

We know death isn’t a favourite topic of conversation, but in life it is a certainty – at some point. At Eternal Forever we can offer you the gift of immortality – alive online forever. With us, death isn’t “death, death”, but a new way of life online.

Sadly, while expected, most deaths are unexpected. It happens when you least expect it. It’s not like planning for retirement - death isn’t a planned for event; it’s an accident waiting to happen.

Preparation is key. Having your afterlife management plan in place ensures you are ready for the unexpected. With us you can be Eternal Forever.

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